[english] Filips Impressions

Internationale Begegnungen auf dem Landespfingstlager. Part 2

from Filip (scout from Czech Republic)

mit Urkunde_Niklas KrügerWhen I woke up on the misty morning at Pfingstcamp, a strange feeling surrounded me. Even though I only knew these people for two days, it felt like being home, like being a part of family.This was my main impression being a visitor of the Niedersachsen scouts. I spent three days with my friends from Leviatan and I had a really great time. In these three days I had the great opportunity to become a part of the Stamm, to find out about their rituals and habits. To learn about German scouting. How to build a Jurte. And I also got some new internal feeling of democracy and its importance.
I saw a lot of unity. Through rituals and habits. Also through the clothes.
Standing or sitting in a circle is a constant throughout the day. In the morning, at every meal, in the evening, when talking in the Jurte and many more. The circle helps the communication a lot. For example during the meals. If you need salt, you just say „Please, can you throw me the salt“ instead of just taking it. After this experience I started to use the circle method more often.
Oh, this was very loud – it must be some very big Stamm.
From the first time I met the guys from Leviatan in the Czech Republic, I was impressed with the shouting ritual before and after every meal. At this camp, it got into different proportions. as you can hear at meal time all the Stämme yelling their „…kracht!“ with different power and from different angles and distances. This makes the meal an important event. Shouting is like trumpets, telling you something big is happening.
The magic of fire surrounded me.
After going through that small entrance to the Café I got into a different world. The smoke was biting my eyes, but this was the price I liked to pay for not being a plastic-scout. Light from fire makes me feel like I am a part of the nature.
After being an international host on LaPfiLa, I believe the best way to go international, is to be on your own – as a part of foreign group. To do the same as they do, to eat the same as they eat, to play the same games. To sleep the same way.
Many thanks to Leviatan for being so friendly and allowing me to become a part of their Stamm and to let me find out about the real German scouting. To experience it. Many thanks to the international programm group, especially Maria, Dustin and Julius for being so kind and for putting in a big effort to such an important thing as thinking globally.
See you in two years! Gut Pfad!

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